Yes, the entitlement due to COVID-19 has been extended into 2022, at present up to 07 April 2023. If a child falls ill, the extended entitlement continues to apply beyond this. The most straightforward way to receive child sick pay is by using the "Sick note" feature in the TK-App.

More details

Alternatively, you can download the following German-language application form "child sick pay due to the pandemic-related care of your child" as a PDF:

Antrag auf Kinderkrankengeld bei pandemie-bedingter Betreuung des Kindes (PDF, 622 kB)

Fill it in, sign it and send it to the following address (a street address is not required):

Techniker Krankenkasse
20908 Hamburg

Child sick pay due to the Corona pandemic in 2021 and 2022

Every parent covered by statutory health insurance can claim child sick pay for a period of 30 instead of 10 days. If you have several children, you can claim a total of 65 days at the most. The entitlement for single parents increases by 40 to 60 days per child. If you have several children, you can claim a total of 130 days at the most.

You are also entitled to child sick pay in case of the following pandemic-related incidents:

  • childcare facilities (crèches, nurseries, kindergartens, day foster care), schools or facilities for people with disabilities have been closed or
  • classes or groups are not permitted to enter the facility (this also includes isolation-related reasons) or
  • school or company holidays have been enforced or prolonged or
  • in-person teaching has been cancelled or access to childcare service offers has been restricted or
  • the competent public authority has recommended to refrain from visiting one of the facilities mentioned above.

Splitting child sick pay according to requirements

If your child isn't in childcare every day (e. g. only on certain days), please fill in one application per period.

Who can apply for child sick pay?

Requirements for parents for the entitlement to child sick pay:

  • they are covered by statutory health insurance,
  • they are in paid employment,
  • they are entitled to sick pay,
  • their child must be younger than 12 years,
  • their child must be covered by statutory health insurance.

You can also only claim child sick pay if there is no other person in your household who can take care of your child in your place.

Transferal of entitlement

You may transfer additional entitlement due to the pandemic once you have used up all your allocated days provided that the employer who has to give the parent time off is in agreement.

Reporting pay data

Your employer will automatically report your pay data to us if your pay has been reduced as a result of caring for your child. No action on your part is required here.

More on this: How much is my child sick pay?

Child sick pay when your child is ill

If you have to look after your child because they are ill, we still need a certificate from your doctor.