Health insurance funds may not share in the costs for face masks, disinfectants or single-use gloves for prevention as medical consumables and assistive products. Statutory health insurance funds will share in the costs for medical consumables and assistive products if they are intended to assure the success of a health treatment, to prevent an incapacity or to compensate for an incapacity. None of these 3 alternatives exists in the preventive measures against the coronavirus.

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Medical consumables and assistive products "to assure the success of a health treatment" can only be such products which are part of a therapy with the aim that the patient concerned recovers, the pain is relieved or an aggravation of the disease is avoided. That does not apply to face masks, disinfectants and single-use gloves.

We have established a coronavirus hotline at TK-MediCall exclusively for TK insurees:

Tel. 040-46 06 - 61 91 60