During the period of maternity protection employees receive maternity pay up to 13 EUR per calendar day. The difference from your net salary will be covered by your employer. This provides you with adequate financial security.

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Maternity protection period  

Your maternity protection begins six weeks before the presumed due date and ends eight weeks later. The protection period is extended after an early or multiple birth or if a disability is diagnosed within eight weeks after birth. In that case, you are not permitted to work for twelve weeks after delivery. 

If your child is born before the anticipated due date, the protection period is extended by the period of time it was shortened before birth. If you give birth after the calculated date, the prenatal protection period is extended correspondingly.

How to get maternity pay

You will receive the first part of the maternity pay during the protected period prior to birth, and the second part after your baby is born.

Before delivery:

Please send us a completed and signed "Zeugnis über den mutmaßlichen Tag der Entbindung – Ausfertigung für die Krankenkasse" [medical certificate stating the estimated due day for submission to the health insurance fund]. You will receive this certificate free of charge from your medical practice or midwife. 

If you are employed and send us a statement about the estimated due date, you will receive an advance payment on the maternity pay. This usually amounts to 546 EUR. We will then request a salary statement from your employer and calculate the outstanding payment of your maternity pay.

After delivery:

Your registry office will issue a birth certificate or confirmation of birth for your child with a note stating "Gilt nur für die Hilfe bei Schwangerschaft und Mutterschaft" ["only valid for benefits relating to pregnancy and maternity"]. 
Please send us the original document as soon as possible. 

We will also require the "Erklärung für die Zahlung von Mutterschaftsgeld" ["maternity pay declaration"]. If you request an advance, we will send you the corresponding form prior to childbirth. Please send us the original of this document as well. 

If a disability is diagnosed within 8 weeks after delivery or in the case of a premature birth, please also submit the original of the corresponding medical certificate.

Please send all documents to (a street and house number are not required): 

Techniker Krankenkasse
20908 Hamburg