Your choice, your vote, your TK!

In April and May 2023, all eligible TK members will be able to cast their vote to select representatives for the Supervisory Board. These representatives perform their duties on a voluntary basis.

This Board is dedicated to representing and advocating the interests of insurees. Its work is based on three pillars with the following objectives:

  • to position and align TK financially to ensure that its insurees receive the best possible benefits now and in the future
  • to facilitate innovative benefits and services and support medical advances
  • to take a position on health policy for the community of insures

Just like all other approved alternative health insurance funds (or "Ersatzkassen" in German), TK is a self-governing body incorporated under public law. This means it is responsible for carrying out its work within the scope of the legal framework and any other applicable legislation. 

For the first time this year, members can vote by post or online. The deadline for voting is 31 May 2023. All postal and online votes must be received by TK on this date by midnight at the latest.

How to vote

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Your choice, your vote, your TK!

The Sozialwahl is held every six years. These elections are your opportunity to shape how social security in Germany works.