Maternity pay

Women who are employed and become pregnant can get maternity pay during the legal maternity protection period.

Work becomes increasingly difficult during pregnancy, therefore the maternity protection period was established in Germany. It starts six weeks before the expected date of birth of the child, which has to be documented by your doctor. During this time pregnant women do not have to work. It lasts for another eight weeks after actually giving birth. For premature or multiple births this extends to twelve weeks afterwards.


During the maternity protection period women get maternity pay from TK in addition to the payment they receive from the employer, the so-called employer's contribution. In case the woman is self-employed, an artist or publicist the maternity pay provides financial support. Even if the woman gets unemployment pay she can receive maternity pay from the TK.


To receive the maternity pay the written statement of the expected date of birth from the doctor has to be sent to the TK. For more information about preconditions, deadlines, amounts of money to receive etc. please check the German website of TK or give us a call.