Students from abroad

What you should consider when planning to study in Germany

If you plan to study in Germany, one of the things you will need is a health insurance because without proof of a health insurance you cannot enroll in a German university. German law differentiates between the following groups:


Students from other EU countries who are already insured in their country of origin do not have to insure themselves in Germany. With the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) they can directly go to a doctor and use their insurance card there.


Students from all other countries have to get insurance in Germany, even if they already have a health insurance in their country of origin. The insurance coverage mostly lasts to the end of a semester, contributions are to be paid for the entire semester, even if you leave Germany beforehand or drop out of university.


Those students from other countries, who are below 30 years of age or have not finished the 14th subject-related semester yet may choose between a private or a compulsory health insurance. If you want to become a member of a private health insurance you need a confirmation of exoneration from compulsory coverage. This exoneration is irreversible during your study visit in Germany. You have to apply for this during the first three months after the start of your studies.


Those students from other countries who are older than 30 years of age or have finished the 14th subject-related semester can only get insurance from a private health insurance company.