Only the attending doctor can decide whether a PCR test is to be performed based on the recommendations from the RKI. In addition to the treatment costs, TK will also cover the laboratory costs totalling 35 EUR per analysis if the doctor performs a test. Insurees do not incur any additional costs. The test is settled via the insurance card. If you are experiencing symptoms, call your GP.

More details

According to the RKI, those belonging to the group of justified suspected cases will be tested. If you are feeling unwell, the test should only be done if your symptoms are typical for a corona infection. However, those affected should self-isolate even before receiving the test result.

Rapid tests 

Citizens are entitled to a free rapid test. The costs for this are borne by the government. For more details, please refer to the websites for your federal state. Rapid tests are also performed in accordance with the applicable national test strategy, for example in retirement and residential care homes, in hospitals and in schools.


It is currently not envisaged that the costs for self-tests will be covered.

Corona tests before and during treatment as a hospital inpatient

Should the doctor at the hospital require a test prior to hospital admission, this can be done either during pre-inpatient treatment or during the admission procedure. Alternatively, you can have a test done in advance by the Gesundheitsamt [public health office]. The costs for this will be settled via your insurance card and you will not incur additional costs.
Persons undergoing treatment in a hospital can be tested in the hospital should infections occur. Alternatively, testing may be done irrespective of infections if the hospital's testing concept prescribes this. Again, you will not incur additional costs for this.

Corona tests before and during a rehabilitation programme

Before admission to or treatment in a preventive care or rehabilitation facility, you are entitled to be tested should this be required by the public health office or the specific facility as part of their testing concepts. The test will be organised by the facility or Gesundheitsamt [public health office] and will, for example, be performed at a public test centre. During your stay, the test can be repeated once a week. 
This also applies to those covered by private health insurance, for example, for their privately insured child during mother and child medical rehab authorised by us. The costs for testing are settled via the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung [Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians]. 

Tests following a warning from the coronavirus warning app

If the corona warning app detects an increased risk of infection, please call either the Gesundheitsamt [public health office] or general practitioner. If a test is deemed necessary, this will be settled directly.