Resolutions of the Supervisory Board

  • Ensuring that the Unabhängige Patientenberatung Deutschland (UPD)* is independent

The TK Supervisory Board, as the elected advocacy body, calls on the German government to review the tasks of the UPD with regard to the extensive offerings of the health insurance funds and to clearly delimit these in terms of content. Furthermore, it is pushing for the overall financing by the health insurance funds to be withdrawn in order to pave the way for a truly independent, new UPD. The TK Supervisory Board opposes the current plans for the reorganisation of the UPD and calls on the German Government to reject the draft law in this form.

  • Making ePrescriptions user-friendly

A key demand of the TK Supervisory Board is that the German government does not waste the potential offered by ePrescriptions, but rather pushes ahead with the development of a user-friendly design. This is the only way to achieve the government coalition's goal of making digital ePrescriptions the standard in pharmaceutical care. A direct technical connection between gematik's ePrescription service and the electronic patient file (ePA)/health insurance funds is central to this, and would generate synergy effects for comprehensive usage.

*  [Independent Patient Advice Service for Germany]