Resolutions of the Supervisory Board

Breaking down sectoral boundaries in the hospital landscape

The reorganisation of the hospital landscape and systematic digitalisation of the care sector are two central demands of the Techniker Krankenkasse's (TK) Supervisory Board. In the run-up to the Bundestag elections, TK's highest decision-making body is calling for  the newly elected government to focus on continuously further developing and digitalising the healthcare system in the next legislative period. This includes, for example, the transfer of real-time data in the health care sector.

No social guarantee at the expense of self-governed SHI funds

The German Federal Ministry of Finance and the German Federal Ministry of Health have agreed on a package of measures for closing the EUR 16.6 billion funding gap in the healthcare system. This gap has arisen in part due to the coronavirus pandemic and is to be closed by primarily using statutory health insurance contributions. In its resolution dated September 2020, the TK Supervisory Board sharply criticises the politicians’ plans to close the funding gap in the healthcare system. The TK Supervisory Board explicitly rejects the presented action plan. In the resolution, the self-governing bodies call on the politicians to immediately develop a fair and viable alternative.

No further cuts in the tasks of self-government

In its resolution of July 2019, the TK Supervisory Board called on politicians to refrain from extensive interventions in the competencies of the functioning and democratically legitimized self-administration of health insurance companies and to rethink the planned reform of the medical service of health insurance (MDK).

For strong self-government and a fair Risikostrukturausgleich [risk adjustment] reform

In its resolution "For strong self-governance and a fair risk adjustment reform" ["Für eine starke Selbstverwaltung und eine gerechte RSA-Reform"], the TK Supervisory Board addresses the current draft law "For a fair choice of SHI funds" ["Für eine faire Kassenwahl der GKV"]. The highest decision-making body of TK clearly positions itself against a restriction of the sovereignty of social self-governance.

Incorporation of digital health literacy 

The TK Supervisory Board calls for a systematic incorporation of "digital health literacy" into all current initiatives related to the digitalisation of the healthcare system. In addition, preventive healthcare measures must take social developments into account and promote the development of the essential skills in a digital environment.

For strong self-governance

In the coalition agreement of the new German federal government, the policymakers have also put the issue of self-governance in the healthcare system on the agenda. In contrast to the topic of long-term care, for example, the political intent remains very vague. To underscore the relevance of the topic, the Supervisory Board of Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) passed the resolution "For strong self-governance" on 13 April 2018 in Dresden. The TK Supervisory Board, the highest decision-making body of the health insurance fund, which insures more than ten million people in Germany, calls on policymakers to take concrete measures in this regard.

Political position of the Supervisory Board 

In advance of the Bundestag [German Federal Parliament] elections, the Techniker Krankenkasse Supervisory Board is stating its position on the health policy. In its current position paper, the highest decision-making body of TK calls for important issues for the future of the health system to be put on the political agenda: strengthening the social health insurance system (SHI), reliable financing of the SHI system, ensuring long-term care and strengthening self-governance.

Ten position statements on a law to strengthen prevention and health promotion

TK welcomes the German Federal Government’s intention to take a sustainable, long-term approach to prevention and health promotion and place them on a broader social basis. At its meeting held on 26 September 2014, the TK Supervisory Board therefore resolved ten position statements on a law to strengthen prevention and health promotion.