For the last 16 years, the magazine Focus-Money has carried out a comprehensive survey to determine which is Germany’s best health insurance fund. And for the 16th time in a row, TK stands on the top step of the podium.

Techniker Krankenkasse was awarded the top grade of "Excellent" in seven of the 11 categories tested, and "Very Good" or "Good" in three others.

The special award "Best Performance" also confirms that Techniker Krankenkasse is not just number one in individual categories, but it also impresses with its all-round healthcare offerings and services.

"Digital services" category

TK is also ahead of its competitors in the "Digital Services" category. Techniker Krankenkasse scored highly in all relevant aspects thanks to its comprehensive digital service offerings. For example:

  • Does the health insurance fund offer a medical video chat service?
  • Can insurees use the bonus programme entirely online? 
  • Can the statement of fitness for work be sent to the insurance funds by upload?
  • Do medical apps exist for specific conditions such as tinnitus?

TK can answer "Yes" to all these questions. The evaluation also took online health promotion programmes and patient training offerings into consideration in the evaluation, as well as online search portals for doctors and clinics.

How the best health insurance fund was determined

Together with experts from the independent Deutschen Finanz-Service Institut (DFSI), Focus-Money assessed about 66 regional and nationwide health insurance funds in Germany. More than 400 individual questions formed the basis for the analysis, the results of which were used to determine which health insurance fund, in the opinions of the experts, is the best one in Germany in 2022.

TK's results in the individual categories:

  • best digital services
  • best special care (nationwide health insurance funds)
  • excess plans: excellent
  • additional benefits and services: excellent
  • transparency: excellent
  • health promotion: excellent
  • service: excellent
  • bonus plans: excellent
  • finances: very good
  • alternative medicine: good
  • dental benefits: satisfactory

Special awards:

  • Best Performance (calculated from the categories above without finances and transparency)
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Recommended by customers

Recommended by doctors and customers

Who would you recommend? For many patients, doctors are not just important advisors in health-related questions but also when choosing the right health insurance fund. In an online survey of more than 13,900 doctors, Focus-Money determined which statutory health insurance fund they would recommend based on their own experience. Here too, Techniker Krankenkasse consolidated its leading position among nationally operating health insurance funds with more than two million members.

Customer opinion, which was again assessed by opinion research institutes based on various surveys and analyses, made up part of the Focus-Money test for the fourth time. Once again, Techniker Krankenkasse was awarded with the "Recommended by customers" seal, which makes it one of the best health insurance funds in terms of customer satisfaction and recommendation rate.


Are you thinking about switching health insurance funds? You can read about the "Germany’s best health insurance fund" comparison study in more detail in the 7/2022 issue of Focus-Money. It is also available to download as a PDF on the DFSI website.

Focus-Money: the big Statutory Health Insurance Fund test