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Warming up helps to prevent inju­ries and improve perfor­mance. Give it a go!

Warming up effectively

If you want to burn fat effec­tively and get in better shape, you should take these tips to heart.

Overweight and diet

Interval trai­ning is a great way to boost your running. Read on to find out how this works.

Interval training

Are you new to jogging and want to see rapid results? Why not try out our tips and trai­ning plan for begin­ners.

Beginner's guide to jogging

Cycling is a great sport whatever your age. It is gentle on the joints as up to 80% of your body weight is carried by the saddle.

Healthy endurance training

Fancy going on a bike trip? Discover the best routes near you with these apps.


Stay moti­vated by sche­du­ling your trai­ning times into your daily and weekly routine.


'No single food can supply all nutri­ents. The more varied you eat, the lower the risk of an imba­lanced diet.'

Enjoy a wholesome diet

Calo­ries are a thing of the past - energy density is what counts today. Here's how it works.

Overweight and diet