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Barrier-free checks

We have our website checked.
This is done by two test centres. 
The test centres are called: 
BIT Design für Barrierefreie Informationstechnik GmbH
and Materna Information & Communications SE.
The test centres tell us
what is not yet barrier-free.
And also what we have to change.

We write down the results in a document.
This document is called the Accessibility Statement
The document lists
what is not yet barrier-free on our website.
This information is also on our website.
Everyone can read this information.

The results from the test centre

The test centre checked the website in 2021.
In September 2021 to be exact.
Here are the results:

  • Lots of things are already barrier-free.
  • Some things are not yet barrier-free.

There are still a few barriers on our website.
For example:

  • Blind people need help reading.
    There is a computer program
    called Screen Reader for this.
    The program reads out the webpage.
    This does not work on some parts of our website.
  • Some people cannot operate the PC using a mouse.
    They use a keyboard instead.
    This does not work on some parts of our website.

We want to make our website better
so that there are no more barriers.

Reporting barriers

Is there a barrier on this website?
Then let us know.
You can send us a message. 
We have a contact form for this.

Report Barriers in Simple Language

Sign Language: Report Barriers

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Conciliation procedure

Have you reported a barrier to us?
Are you unsatisfied with the answer?
Then you can complain to what
is called the Conciliation Board

The Conciliation Board checks
whether our answer was correct.
The Conciliation Board helps us
to find a good solution.
The Conciliation Board is free of charge.
You do not have to pay anything.

For more information on the Conciliation Board:
(the information is only available in German)
E-mail address: