In order to use the full extent of the functions of our barrier-free PDFs, you require Adobe Reader from version 7. You can download the current version of the Reader free of charge at

Please note: It is possible that some PDF Readers are not able to open our barrier-free PDF files. Some PDF files contain Java-Script functions to support accessibility. If you are asked for the execution of these files when you open a PDF file, you should allow it.

The barrier-free PDF documents and forms are processed in such a manner that they can be read or completed also without special assistive technologies for the seeing impaired, if necessary. Further information to this topic is available on the following pages.

General information regarding navigation

The Adobe Reader can be operated either entirely with the mouse or almost entirely with the keyboard. Uniform design rules are applied for the barrier-free PDF files of TK. The PDF files open with a split screen: the bookmark window on the left, the window with the page content on the right.

The bookmark screen contains bookmarks for the navigation in the document, which are arranged on three to four levels, of which only the first and second are visible upon opening the file. Further levels are recognisable by the plus sign in front. In addition, the tables of content in the TK aktuell membership magazine and the brochures are linked with the respective texts.

Working with screen notes

All barrier-free PDF files are activated in the Adobe Reader with a marker and comments in floating windows for flagging. Please see the general support for Adobe Reader for further information.

Further information

Further important keyboard shortcuts in the Adobe Reader

  • F5 directs you to the document screen from any point in Adobe Reader.
  • F10 directs you to the menu bar.
  • The change to the next screen, usually the bookmark screen, is performed by pressing the F6 key twice.

Internet links

If you access an Internet link from a link, a button in the text or a bookmark, a window with a confirmation prompt opens in Adobe Reader. You then have to press the Tab key twice and then the Enter key in order to arrive at the requested website. The window may be supported by your normal screen reader.

Users of screen readers

In case you generally use a screen reader: if only the user interface and the bookmarks are read at PDF files, you may be able to use your screen reader in combination with the read function of Acrobat. Ask the support of your screen reader whether and how you can combine its application with the read function of Adobe.