Non-accessible content

  • Some decorative images are not denoted as such and are output by the screen reader without alternative text (or with text that is not meaningful).
  • Some graphic control elements feature incorrect or meaningless alternative texts.
  • Some information-oriented graphics do not include corresponding alternative texts.
  • There is structured content which does not include elements for headers to mark the individual sections.
  • Some input fields are not linked to their labels programmatically.
  • In some cases, the visible labelling of the element is not included in the accessible element name.
  • On some pages the reading order of the screen reader does not match the visual order.
  • In some cases when an element is activated, the screen reader focus is unexpectedly automatically moved to the start of the page.
  • In some cases, screen readers display a status for buttons even though these have no actual status.
  • Text content such as labels, error messages and control elements do not always meet the specified requirements in terms of contrast ratio to the background. 
  • Certain content and functions cannot be accessed and/or operated using the keyboard.
  • The keyboard focus is not sufficiently highlighted for some interactive elements such as buttons and links. This is also the case for some input fields.
  • Not all the error messages include suggestions on how to remedy the errors.
  • Not all the components are implemented in a way that the necessary semantic information such as name, role and properties is provided. Certain elements may be assigned to incorrect roles and roles may be missing altogether.
  • The time limit for registering cannot be switched off or extended and a warning is not given before the time runs out.
  • Certain links, such as "Conditions of use" and "Legal information" which open a website in the browser, do not indicate to users that they are calling up an external site.
  • The iOS system function "Bold text" is not supported throughout the app.
  • Display errors can occur if the text size is increased to 200% or more.

Accessibility will be improved incrementally with the regular releases.

Contacting us to report accessibility issues

Please contact us if you notice any shortcomings in terms of accessibility. We will endeavour to find another solution for you in the short term. You can get in touch either via our e-mail address: or by calling us on 0800 285 85 85.

Arbitration procedure

If a satisfactory solution has not been found even after you gave your feedback to the contact mentioned above, you can get in touch with the arbitration service. The arbitration procedure is free of charge. Legal counsel is not required.

Further information about the arbitration procedure and the options for filing an application can be found at: (select English as the language).

You can contact the Schlichtungsstelle BGG directly at:

This declaration was written on 11 December 2023.