The use of the TK-InnovationsPortal is subject to the following general conditions of usage. Please read the General terms and conditions carefully prior to using the portal. With the submission of your TK Innovation Profile, you automatically agree to the General terms and conditions.

The contents of the TK-InnovationsPortal are subject to the General conditions of usage for the TK website. The following conditions of use apply in addition to the General terms and conditions for the TK-InnovationsPortal and the TK Innovation Profile:

The Innovator (you) is interested in presenting his/her Invitation to TK in order to enter into negotiations about a cooperation with TK, if applicable. The documents / data / know-how submitted by the Innovator may contain confidential information. These particularly include drawings, sketches, plans, drafts, studies or information regarding the invention (e.g. software code), patent applications or special know-how.

TK respects the special protective value of the information provided in the Innovation Profile and assures confidentiality in handling as well as compliance with data protection in data storage, processing and transmission. For this purpose, please read also the detailed information in the Data Protection Policy of the TK InnovationsPortal.

Therefore, the Innovator and TK agree to the following:

  1. The Innovator retains ownership to the entire submitted information. Usage rights are not granted with the posting. Possible usage rights will be negotiated separately, if applicable. If TK would like to enter into negotiations, the Innovator will be informed in writing. 
  2. The Parties are obligated to treat the information provided as well as further knowledge and data of a technical, commercial or organisational kind confidentially. 
  3. This obligation persists also after the posting of the documents/data for the duration of the storage. 
  4. The secrecy and confidentiality obligations above shall not apply if and to the extent that the knowledge, information or data is generally known or becomes generally known without the intervention of the contracting party and without a breach of this Agreement or was already known to TK at the time of transmission. This also applies in the event of a release from the obligation of secrecy and confidentiality by TK.
  5. TK is only liable for intent and gross negligence, except in the event of a violation of life, limb or health.
  6. If TK is obligated to disclose the information by regulatory or court order, TK may comply with this obligation without informing the innovator. 
  7. TK reserves the right to develop information itself or to request or obtain information from third parties that is similar or identical to the innovator's information. 
  8. The usage of the TK-InnovationsPortal does not constitute a service or work relationship. 
  9. Alternative agreements do not exist, unless they are concluded in writing.