1. Principle

You need the TK-Ident-App to get your TK-HealthID and prove your identity when using digital applications. To use the TK-Ident-App, you need an Internet connection, a mobile device with an official version of the Android or iOS operating systems, and a secure means of identification.

The TK-Ident-App allows you to use your TK-HealthID for TK services such as TK-Safe, for services provided by TK's contractual partners and for digital healthcare applications offered through the telematics infrastructure, as long as this is enabled by the respective provider. These digital applications are collectively referred to below as applications.

TK provides access to the applications through the TK-Ident-App and TK-HealthID, but is not always the provider of the application itself. Separate terms and conditions of use may apply to these applications.

2. Use

TK grants you a simple (i.e. non-exclusive), non-transferable right to use the TK-Ident-App and the content and services it offers on your mobile device for your own, non-commercial purposes; this right of use is limited to the period of time for which you use the TK-Ident-App. You will not become the owner of the TK-Ident-App but are merely being granted a limited right of use.

This right of use is restricted to TK insurees. The following are not classified as TK insurees:

  • persons who only have long-term care insurance,
  • persons who are receiving benefits as specified in Section 264 SGB V [German Social Code Book V],
  • persons who only pay pension and unemployment insurance contributions to TK,
  • persons who receive benefits in accordance with the Bundesversorgungsgesetz (BVG) [German Federal War Victims' Relief Act],
  • persons who receive mutual benefits assistance through TK as part of a social insurance agreement concluded with another country,
  • persons who receive a care support allowance,
  • persons who are still in the process of applying for membership.

The TK-Ident-App and its functions may only be used for the intended purpose. You give a binding assurance to TK that you will only use the TK-Ident-App for purposes which do not violate these terms and conditions of use or applicable German law. In the event of a violation, TK reserves the right to exclude you from using the TK-Ident-App.

3. Registration, log-in and renewal

3.1. Setting up the TK-Ident-App and creating your TK-HealthID

Authorised users can register to use the TK-HealthID through the TK-Ident-App.

Users must set up two-factor authentication in order to use the TK-Ident-App. The first time you start the TK-Ident-App, you will be required to create an app-specific PIN as the first factor. The second factor is your device, which you will be required to register so that your TK-HealthID can be assigned to it. We will use both factors to create a secure connection between the TK-Ident-App and your TK-HealthID. For security purposes an identification process is carried out to ensure unique assignment.

For this, you can use either

  • the online identification function of your electronic ID, electronic residence permit or eID card (for EU citizens), or
  • your eHealth card and PIN

You also have the option of configuring your device's system PIN or password to log in to the TK-Ident-App.

You will have to repeat the set-up process if you re-install the TK-Ident-App or install it on other devices. Your existing TK-HealthID will be assigned to these devices.

3.2. Logging in to the TK-Ident-App

You can choose one of the following options to log in to the TK-Ident-App:

  • App-specific PIN
    Use the PIN you chose for the app and your registered device to unlock the TK-Ident-App.
  • Device's system PIN or password
    If you have decided to use your device's system PIN or password, you can use this together with your registered device to unlock the TK-Ident-App.
  • Health card with PIN
    You can also log in using your health card and the associated PIN.
  • Online ID with PIN
    You can also log in using the online ID function provided by your identity card. To do this, you need to have already used your ID card when configuring the TK-Ident-App or have subsequently saved it to your TK-HealthID in the TK-Ident-App. If you have not already done so, you can do this in the app settings at any time.
  • Logging in on multiple devices
    You can use the TK-Ident-App to log in to healthcare applications on multiple devices. This may for example be the case if you access a digital application in a browser on your desktop PC, but your TK-Ident-App is installed on your smartphone. You can use the TK-Ident-App to authenticate your login to the online service by scanning a QR code with a unique identifier and exchanging the code displayed. 

3.3. Renewing your device registration

Each of your devices must be re-registered at specific intervals. This will require you to go through the secure identification process again (see 3.1).

4. Measures for protecting your data

Since the set-up and use of your TK-HealthID is a sensitive process, the TK-Ident-App has the following security measures in place:

4.1. Security notifications

In order to protect your information from unauthorised third-party access, you can have information about security-relevant processes sent to you by push notification. You can activate this function in the TK-Ident-App.

4.2. Manipulation and customisation of devices and software

Manipulated or highly customised devices and software (e.g. those which use custom ROMs or have been subjected to rooting or jailbreaking) may not be used for security reasons. Please make sure that your device uses original software and that no apps are installed which could compromise its integrity and security. We reserve the right to exclude you from using the TK-Ident-App in such cases.

4.3. Authorised versions of operating systems

In general, the TK-Ident-App may only be used with officially distributed versions of Android and iOS operating systems. TK may exclude devices which use beta versions of these systems. TK is responsible for deciding which operating systems can support the use of the TK-Ident-App. We are gradually excluding older versions of operating systems on security grounds. This may mean that you can no longer use your TK-HealthID if older versions of operating systems are installed on your device.

4.4. Encryption

All data which are temporarily displayed or transmitted in the TK-Ident-App are encrypted and protected using the latest technology.

4.5. Automatic log-out after inactivity

If you do not use the TK-Ident-App for some time, or if you keep it open in the background, you will be logged out automatically. This automatic log-out occurs after 10 minutes.

5. Duties of care and cooperation

As the user of the TK-Ident-App and the TK-HealthID, you contribute to the security of your data.

5.1. What to do if you lose your device

If you lose one or more of the devices on which you use the TK-Ident-App and your TK-HealthID, you can have your registered devices blocked at any time by calling 0800 - 285 85 85 (toll-free in Germany). If you use the TK-Ident-App on multiple devices, you can block or delete the lost device by changing the settings in the TK-Ident-App on a device still in your possession.

5.2. Logging out manually from your device

Due to the sensitivity of your data and the possibility of logging in to healthcare applications, we advise you always to log out of your applications manually once you have finished using them. This is particularly important with regard to the TK-Ident-App.

5.3. Updating your operating system

Update your device's operating system regularly so that the latest security updates are always installed.

5.4. Updating the TK-Ident-App

Update the TK-Ident-App regularly so that the latest security updates are always installed.

5.5. Your device's lock screen

To protect your device, always use the system's security mechanisms such as passwords, PINs, patterns or biometrics to ensure that your TK-HealthID is protected from unauthorised third-party access.

5.6. App-specific PIN and system PIN or password

While configuring the TK-Ident-App, you will be asked to create a six-digit app-specific PIN. This PIN will protect your TK-Ident-App and TK-HealthID. If you do not want to use the app-specific PIN every time you log in, you can use your device's system PIN or password instead. This function will be offered to you as an option when you configure the app.  Please note that a separate app-specific PIN must be created for each device since it is not valid between devices. This means you must create another PIN every time you install the TK-Ident-App.

You are under an obligation to ensure that no third party gains unauthorised access to the PIN(s) for your TK-Ident-App(s).

When creating your PIN, make sure you use different, non-consecutive numbers and avoid using numbers that are easy to guess (e.g. your date of birth).

If you suspect that someone has gained unauthorised access to your PIN or that it is being used without authorisation, you must notify TK immediately by calling 0800 - 285 85 85 (toll-free in Germany).

5.7. Other means of identification and authentication

Please be sure to treat all the other means of identification and authentication which you can use for your TK-HealthID with due care so that no-one is able to take control of your TK-HealthID and use it improperly. These may include your online ID with PIN or your health card with PIN.

6. Blocking and deletion of your TK-HealthID by TK

TK has the tight to delete or block the use of your TK-HealthID if someone gains unauthorised access to it or uses it improperly. If your TK-HealthID is deleted, all registered devices, use histories and authorisations associated with your TK-HealthID will be removed.

7. Deleting your TK-HealthID

If you wish to stop using the TK-Ident-App and your TK-HealthID, you can delete your TK-HealthID in the TK-Ident-App or call TK on 0800 - 285 85 85 (toll-free in Germany).
Please note that if you delete your TK-HealthID, you will also lose your access to the apps that require you to use it. This applies to TK-Safe and the E-Rezept (e-prescription) app in particular.

8. Changes to terms and conditions of use

TK reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of use for the TK-HealthID and TK-Ident-App if this becomes necessary, e.g. due to technical developments, changes in the law or the introduction of new services. TK-HealthID users will be informed of any changes to these terms and conditions through the TK-Ident-App. These must be confirmed if you continue to use the app. If you are temporarily not using the TK-Ident-App, you will have to confirm the current terms or conditions of use when you install the app.

9. Data controller and operator of the TK-Ident-App

Techniker Krankenkasse
Bramfelder Straße 140
22305 Hamburg
Phone: 0800 - 285 85 85
E-mail: service@tk.de 
Date of publication: November 16th, 2023