The decision as to whether or not a coronavirus test is free of charge depends on the type of test performed. A distinction is made between laboratory PCR tests, antigen rapid tests (these must be carried out by a specialist), and self-tests that can be taken at home.

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PCR test

Only the attending doctor can decide whether a PCR test is to be performed. As per the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute, testing is required for those with grounds to suspect they have been infected. If the test is carried out by a doctor, TK also covers the laboratory costs amounting to 27.30 EUR per analysis in addition to the treatment costs. As such, insurees do not incur any additional costs. The test is settled via the eHealth card. If you are experiencing any symptoms, call your GP. Those affected should self-isolate prior to receiving the test result.

Rapid test

The rapid tests don't represent a benefit of the health insurance and cannot be covered by us.


The costs for self-tests may not be reimbursed by statutory health insurance funds.