If the doctor decides that an antibody test is medically necessary, the costs of testing can be settled via the eHealth card. An antibody test must be taken soon after experiencing symptoms. TK may not reimburse private bills.

More details

In certain cases antibody tests may be expedient for individuals with symptoms typical of COVID-19. With mild corona infections in particular, it may not always be possible to detect pathogens directly with a PCR test as of the second week from the onset of symptoms. A SARS-CoV-2 infection can then be detected indirectly seriologically.

Costs cannot be covered without symptoms

Health insurance funds are unable to pay for an antibody test in cases where COVID-19 symptoms have not been recently experienced, for example to determine immunity. This decision is set out in the testing regulations issued by the German Federal Ministry of Health on 9 June 2020. According to these regulations, it remains uncertain as to what extent the presence of antibodies offers proof of immunity.