Frau liegt auf dem Sofa und entspannt sich
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Take it as a warning sign if you are irritable, aggressive or tearful, or if you cannot concentrate and keep making careless mistakes. Chronic headaches and cardiovascular symptoms (e.g. chest pain or shortness of breath) are also alerts that you need to stop and do something to cope with the stress.

Build up resilience through stress management

The more resilient you are, the better you can cope with stress. It has been proven that people who can recover quickly after a turbulent and tense time are less likely to suffer from the effects of stress. You can especially build up resilience if you do not get upset or anxious as quickly in stressful situations. In other words: when you are calmer and more relaxed. Stress management methods will help you do this.

Ways to stay calmer and more relaxed

  • Learn to relax. There are systematic relaxation methods you can use to do this, but sports, exercise and regular rest and recreation can also help.
  • Find solutions for the problems that cause you stress and organise your time.
  • If that is not possible, check your attitude: Do you expect too much from yourself? Are you fighting a losing battle? Figure out if you put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

You can manage your stress. On our website, we introduce you to stress management methods that can help. These contents are currently only available in German. Try them out and learn how to become calmer and live a more serene life.