Are you already using the TK-App, and are you at least 16 years old? If so, log in and select "TK-Fit". Consent to the data privacy terms and confirm your participation in the TK Bonus Plan. Then all you have to do is connect your wearable and off you go!

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Good to know: Which wearables are compatible with TK-Fit?

When you start out with TK-Fit, you have to consent to the data privacy terms and then connect the TK-App with an external data source compatible with your mobile phone's operating system. For iOS users this is the app "Apple Health", for Android users "Google Fit", "Samsung Health" or "Garmin". "FitBit" can be used with both operating systems.

Important: At present, the number of kilometres you cycle can only be transmitted to TK-Fit via Apple Health and Google Fit.

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