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TK member Fan Tan from China

"Over the last eleven years I never had any problems in seeing a doctor and receiving treatment."

Perhaps a physician has been recommended to you? Or you would prefer to go to a doctor’s surgery that is conveniently located near you? Then simply make an appointment there. Or use our TK-AppointmentService and let us do it for you. The only requirement: it must be an “SHI-doctor”, i.e. a doctor who is permitted to treat patients covered by statutory health insurance. 

Good to know
If your first choice turns out not to be the right one, you can change your doctor at any time.

To use the services provided by doctors or therapists, you don’t need cash or any additional paperwork, you simply need to show them your eHealth card (eHC). 

Before starting treatment, however, you should check whether the doctor needs a referral for billing purposes. You may only consult certain doctors, such as radiologists, if you have a referral from your primary care physician.

In some cases – for example, before a serious surgery – it is advisable to get a second opinion from another expert. That is also easy to do. Just find a doctor you trust and make an appointment.

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