If you want an answer to your questions on health matters right away, our medical advisory centre TK-MediCall will be glad to help you. 

More details

A complimentary service from TK

TK insurees can always call TK-MediCall (TK-ÄrzteZentrum) on 040 - 46 06 61 91 40 to talk immediately to specialists, e.g. paediatricians, who will give you expert answers to your questions. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, i.e. including weekends and public holidays, even when most surgeries are closed.

Please have your TK eHealth Card and your insurance number available when calling. You can, of course, also contact TK-MediCall if your dependants have any issues.

Always an expert answer 

You can ask the specialists at TK-MediCall about any health issue such as:

  • Conditions and their possible symptoms
  • Examination and treatment methods
  • Medication and its effects
  • Prevention and preventive health care
  • Issues relating to the health of babies, children and teenagers
  • Medical information prior to and during your holiday or business trip from expert physicians