To receive the PIN, you firstly have to clearly authenticate yourself as the card owner. There are several ways of doing this.

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You can authenticate yourself as the card owner in the following ways:

  • In person at a TK customer service centre. In this case, please note the opening times of your local customer service centre.
  • At your front door using the "PostIdent procedure". You can use the various ways to get in touch with us to order your PostIdent-PIN.

You need your insurance card and an official document, such as your identity card, for both options. If you wish to authenticate yourself in person at a customer service centre, you will receive your PIN by post within a few days. If you choose the PostIdent procedure, you will be given the PIN directly by the postal worker.

Important: Your eHealth card and the associated PIN are closely interlinked. This means that the PIN is always assigned to your current card.