The Deutsche Finanz-Service Institut (DFSI), in cooperation with the Handelsblatt financial newspaper, tested the performance, customer service and financial strength of 69 statutory health insurance (SHI) funds. Once again, Techniker Krankenkasse scored the highest in the test, making TK the 11-time consecutive champion of the quality ratings for SHI funds.

Techniker Krankenkasse gets top results in all categories

TK’s overall performance was distinguished with the rating "Very good" in the quality ratings for SHI funds. Ratings winner TK also scored a grade of "Very good" in the sub-categories financial strength, customer service and quality of benefits and services. 

Financial strength

To evaluate financial strength, the liquidity management and assets of the funds were closely examined along with administrative costs, the profit and loss account, contribution stability and membership trends. Transparency in financial matters was also included in the assessment. The reason this category is included is because not only are offering benefits that go beyond the legal framework and providing excellent service for insurees covered by statutory health insurance important, the financial strength of the fund they choose is also key.

Customer service

The most important criteria for evaluating the fund’s customer service were:

  • Services: Alongside other aspects, service hours, such as "24/7" availability, as well as support services like a medical hotline, booking appointments with doctors, emergency service for insurees in foreign countries and foreign-language services were assessed.
  • Customer performance: The results of customer satisfaction surveys and recommendations were included in the evaluation.
  • Branch network: The number of branch offices per federal state and number of insurees per branch were taken into account.

Quality of benefits and services

Ten main areas were examined in detail to assess the quality of the benefits and services provided by the health insurance funds:

  • bonus plans/advantage programmes
  • health promotion
  • special care
  • naturopathy
  • dental benefits
  • additional benefits and services
  • supplementary insurance
  • digital services
  • transparency of performance, services and benefits


Since 2011, the DFSI Ratings GmbH - a spin-off of the Deutschen Finanz-Service Institut (DFSI) based in in Cologne, Germany - has been conducting quality ratings for statutory health insurance funds. The aim is to help agents and consumers easily determine which health insurance funds are committed to high quality.

In the course of the ratings, the performance of the health insurance funds being assessed is extensively analysed and evaluated in three sub-areas - benefits and services offered, customer service and financial strength. The partial results are then incorporated into the overall ranking in equal proportions.