"afgis" quality logo

The abbreviation "afgis" stands for "Aktionsforum Gesundheitsinformationssystem e.V." ["Action Forum on Health Information Systems"], a network of associations, companies and individuals. Established in 2003, the action forum aims to promote the quality of information on health issues. afgis develops and promotes user-oriented standards in all areas related to providing health information on the Internet.  The association awards a quality logo to help users to identify websites that provide high-quality health information online.

What does the afgis Logo indicate?

It identifies websites that offer high-quality health information on the Internet. To receive the quality logo, the providers must present additional information about their company and their information. This creates transparency for users seeking information and makes it easier to assess the credibility of the information.

To ensure this transparency, afgis has defined ten key criteria of transparency:

  1. the provider
  2. goal, purpose, and intended target group(s) of the information 
  3. authors and data sources of the information
  4. up-to-dateness of the data
  5. options for users to provide feedback
  6. quality assurance procedures 
  7. separation of advertising and editorial content 
  8. financing and sponsoring 
  9. cooperations and networks
  10. use and protection of data