Techniker Krankenkasse provides the best benefits and services for career-starters. That was the result of a large-scale comparison test conducted by €uro magazine (Issue 11/2023). The financial experts analysed which health insurance fund offers the most attractive conditions for young people who are just starting out in their careers.
In a large-scale comparison of 75 statutory health insurance funds, the assessors examined:

  • whether and under what conditions insurees are reimbursed for contributions if they have not utilised any benefits,
  • whether the fund covers travel vaccinations and whether it offers emergency services to insurees when abroad,
  • which online services are available to the insurees, and
  • when and to what extent the fund pays cash bonuses if the insurees participate in the bonus plan.

In addition, the study checked which health insurance funds cover the costs of skin cancer screenings for insurees under the age of 35 and which health insurance funds include a sports medicine exam in their range of benefits.

The result: TK received the overall rating of "Very good" in the "Benefits and services for career-starters" category.


The study compared the benefits and services offered by the 75 nationally operating statutory health insurance funds. The data are based on information obtained from the "".