Update: You do not necessarily need the e-prescription app and a PIN for an e-prescription. You can also get your e-prescription by presenting your TK eHealth card or the printout you received from the doctor's practice at the pharmacy.

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How to order the PIN for the eHealth card

To receive the PIN, you firstly have to clearly authenticate yourself as the card owner. There are several ways to do this:

  • In person at a TK customer service centre.
  • Write us a message via the TK-App.
  • Call us on 0800 - 285 85 85 (free of charge within German).

However you choose to order the PIN, you will need your valid eHealth card and an official document, such as your identity card. It is not sufficient to send us an e-mail to order a PIN.

If you have ordered your PIN in one of our customer service centres, it will be sent to you by post within a few days. If you sent us a message via the TK-App or called us, you will receive the PIN via the PostIdent procedure . This means that you will only be given the PIN letter by the postal worker once you have identified yourself using an official identification document.
Important: Your PIN is only valid for your current eHealth card. If you order or receive a new card, you will also need a new PIN.