Do you still have your personal unlocking key (the "PUK")? In this case bring it with you to a TK customer service centre. There you will be able to assign a new PIN using the PUK. Don’t worry if you no longer have the PUK, we will be happy to send you a new PIN. 

More details

To receive a new PIN, please proceed as follows:

  1. As your card is linked to your PIN, you will firstly need to obtain a new card.
  2. You can order a new card very easily via our secure "My TK" online service or the TK-App.
  3. Once you have received your new card, bring it with you to your local TK customer service centre and identify yourself with an official document.
  4. You have then clearly authenticated yourself as the card owner.
  5. We will send you your PIN letter by post.

Your old card remains valid without the PIN for any visits to the doctor’s surgery until the new card arrives.