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TK member Ananda S. Hosmar from India

"My wife is pregnant. She had several gynaecologist check-ups and consultation. TK is offering support in getting doctor appointments."

Are you new to TK and still thinking about how and where to insure your family members? No problem, its already been taken care of. Because if you are a TK member yourself (regardless of whether you are an employee or self-employed), you can insure the following relatives at no additional cost:

  • your spouse or civil partner (pursuant to the Lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz [German Civil Partnership Act]
  • biological and adopted children up until their 18th birthday (if they are not employed yet, up to their 23rd birthday, or if they meet certain criteria, even up to their 25th birthday)
  • children of children covered by non-contributory dependants’ insurance
  • stepchildren and grandchildren who are primarily supported by you as the insured member
  • foster children, provided you are not employed as their caretaker.

Family members are not eligible for cover through non-contributory dependants’ insurance if they are self-employed as their main occupation, are insured by a private health insurance provider, or are exempt from compulsory statutory health insurance (for example as a civil servant). Also ineligible are family members who are themselves subject to compulsory insurance, for example due to their employee status. There are also income limits for non-contributory dependants’ insurance. Your family members may not have a regular total income exceeding 445 EUR (2019) per month. However, they are allowed to earn 450 EUR from a “mini-job”.

Practical: Each family member receives their own eHealth card (eHC). This lets everyone easily and conveniently use medical services at any time. It also includes medical care provided by specialists.