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The security of your personal data is a priority for us. For this reason, the TK-App is connected using "two-factor authentication".  The first factor is registering your mobile device with a personal activation code. The other factor is logging in to the app with a user name and password.

Most frequently asked

We have put together the answers to the most frequent questions about registering devices for you.

Why do I have to register my mobile device?

With "device registration", TK uses a method that only enables access to your personal data with your own mobile device. For security reasons, it is not possible to use the TK-App without connecting your mobile device to your personal user account.

Although registering the device once at the beginning takes a little effort, it will then ensure your data in the TK-App to be permanently protected.

How does device registration with the activation code work?

You will need an eight-figure activation code to register. You can easily request this through the TK-App the first time you start. You will receive the activation code by postal mail within a few days.

Once you have received the letter with your activation code, just enter it into the TK-App (step 3 after entering your login data). Your mobile device will then be connected to your user account and your data will be protected.

My mobile device has not been accepted. Why not?

In order for the TK-App to work smoothly, your device has to meet a few technical conditions. Some devices do not meet these requirements. Mobile devices that have changed operating systems (via a Jailbreak or Root) are not supported for security reasons.

I've lost my mobile device. What do I need to do?

If you lose your device, no third party can easily access your data with the TK-App because they will still need your password.

Good to know: In the device management section in "Meine TK" ["My TK"]  you can delete the registered mobile device at any time if you lose your smartphone.

What does "Delete device registration" mean?

If you delete the registration in the device management section in "Meine TK" ["My TK"], you will no longer be able to use the TK-App. If you want to continue to use the TK-App, you will have to enter your activation code again in order to reactivate the TK-App.

I have a new mobile device and want to install the TK-App. What do I need to do?

Simply download the TK-App onto your new mobile device from the relevant app store and enter your activation code in order to register your new device. If you no longer have your activation code, you can request a new one there.

Why can't I use the TK-App on more than one mobile device or on my tablet?

For security reasons, it is currently only possible to install the app on one device. If you want to use another device, you can register again in the device management section in "Meine TK" ["My TK"]   and delete the registration for the old device (see "I have a new mobile device and want to install the TK-App").

Why can't I access the TK-App with rooted or jailbroken mobile devices?

Accessing a smartphone operating system, called "Rooting" for Android and "Jailbreaking" for Apple, can make the mobile device more vulnerable to malware. Because protecting your personal data is a priority for us, for security reasons you cannot use the TK-App with such a device.

Why do I always have to log in to the TK-App again?

Lots of smartphone users secure their devices against unauthorised access. But not of all them, unfortunately. And a four-figure code does not provide sufficient protection against misuse either. Because legislators consider social data to require “special protection”, at Techniker Krankenkasse we have to marke sure that only you can see your data. At the moment that is only possible if we ensure that only you can access the TK-App.

In order to make logging in to the app as easy as possible, from Version 1.9 onwards we support authentication by fingerprint or facial recognition for the iPhone X. If your mobile device has a fingerprint sensor and you have saved at least one fingerprint, you can log in conveniently and securely without having to enter your password. You can activate this option in the TK-App settings. If you have an iPhone X, you can use Face ID to log in.

Why am I automatically logged out of the TK-App?

This is to ensure that only you can access your data, you have to log in to the TK-App with your password. If you have opened the app and keep your smartphone permanently in standby mode, everyone who has access to your smartphone (with its screen unlocked) could view these data if the TK-App was running in the background.  Which is why automatically logging out protects the security of your data.

Why do I have to wait for a letter after downloading the TK-App?

The security of electronically stored data is becoming increasingly important, especially when your health data are involved. In order to protect these data from misuse by any third party, data protection experts recommend data to be secured using two factors. The first factor in the TK-App is entering your "Meine TK" ["My TK"] access data. The second factor is an "activation code", which connects your smartphone to the access data and ensures that your data can only be accessed from your mobile device. For security reasons, you will receive your activation code by postal mail. Because we have a postal address for all TK insurees, but not a verified e-mail address for everyone, we will send the code to your postal address by letter. One additional security feature: in order to prevent any unauthorised interception of the letter by means of a false address, the last change of address must have been at least three weeks ago.