As a student you do not have to pay anything for health and long-term care insurance if you are covered by your parents’, spouse’s or civil partner’s non-contributory dependants’ insurance. You must take out your own insurance if you are not (or no longer) eligible for cover through non-contributory dependants’ insurance.

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In general, you will be compulsorily insured and will pay the lowest student rate for health and long-term care insurance.

Monthly contributions for compulsorily insured students in 2019

Health insuranceLong-term care insurance without additional contribution** 

Long-term care insurance

with additional contribution**

70.87 €*19.79 €21.42 €

* Statutory contribution for students in 2019, comprised of 66.33 EUR plus TK-specific additional contribution rate of 4.54 EUR

** Starting at the age of 23, individuals who do not have children must pay an additional contribution for long-term care insurance

If you are no longer eligible to be compulsorily insured as a student, for example because you have completed your 14th academic semester, your contributions will be higher.