We will automatically send you all the necessary documents in advance; you do not need to do anything until you receive them. You can send us your passport photo quickly and conveniently online or simply by postal mail. 

More details

We will send you a letter with two options to send us your passport photo. The same applies if you have just turned 15 years old and do not have a passport photo on your eHealth card yet.


You can easily and conveniently upload your digital photo free of charge by using the 10-digit one-time password we sent you in our letter. Please only upload one photo at a time.

Submit passport photo for TK eHealth card

By postal mail

The letter you received from TK contains a passport photo form already filled in with your customer information and return address. Affix the photo to the photo box on this form and send the form and photo back to us. This procedure ensures that your photo clearly identifies you as the cardholder.

Please do not send copies, USB drives, or photos via e-mail

Please send a regular, professionally printed passport photo if you send us the picture by postal mail. Please note that for security and quality reasons, we cannot use or process copies of photos, pictures you have printed out yourself, or digital passport photos that we receive via e-mail or on data carriers, e.g. on a USB flash drive.

You only need to send us your photo once

Your passport photo will be digitised for the purpose of creating your TK eHealth card and will remain stored in digital form at TK. It can then be reused in the event of loss or theft of your eHealth card and you will not need to submit a passport photo again.