In Germany social security contributions are a set percentage of your earnings and are shared between the employer and employee.

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Social securityTotal contribution rateEmployer's share of the total contribution rate
Health insurance15.8 %7.9 %

General contribution rate

14.6 %7.3 %

Reduced contribution rate*

14.0 %7.0 %

TK-specific supplementary contribution rate

1.2 %0.6 %

Average supplementary contribution rate

1.6  %

0.8 %

Long-term care insurance3.05 %1.525 % **

Surcharge for childless individuals aged 23 and above

0.35 %

0 %

Pension insurance18.6 %9.3 %
Unemployment insurance2.6 %1.30 %

* for example this applies to the self-employed who have insurance cover but who are not entitled to sick pay

** in Saxony: 1.025 %

Employer contributions and pension contributions

The employer pays half of the contribution rate for employees, apprentices and trainees. The German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme pays half of the contributions for retirees who have statutory insurance cover.

Here you can calculate your personal contribution rate ("Beitragsrechner" only available in German language):

Calculate your contribution rate