In order to be exempted, you need to send us an exemption application within three months from the start of compulsory insurance. You also have to prove that you are covered by another type of health insurance.

More details

For example this could be private health insurance, an entitlement to cover for civil servants’ medical expenses or Freie Heilfürsorge [medical welfare].

Please complete and sign the application form below and send it back to us . The address is printed on the form.  

When will I be exempt from compulsory health insurance?

If you have not used any services since the beginning of your compulsory health insurance, you will be exempted retrospectively. Otherwise, the exemption will apply from the first day of the month following the month in which you submitted your application.

A once and for all decision

You cannot reverse a decision to be exempted from compulsory health insurance. This means that insurees who opt for private health insurance may not normally return to the statutory health system once the decision has been made.

The application form

Application for exemption from statutory health insurance cover_e (PDF, 875 kB)