With the "PostIdent" procedure, you use an official document to identify yourself to a postal worker and are then given the PIN letter from TK. This means you are reliably authenticated as the owner of the eHealth card and can use the full range of services.

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How PostIdent works

  1. Once you have requested the PIN from us, we create and send your PIN letter within a few days.
  2. The Deutsche Post AG collects the letter and tries to deliver it to you.
  3. If you are at home, the postal worker will scan the letter. You show your identification document, for example your identity card. The data are compared and you are given the PIN letter. Should you not be at home, you will find a collection note in your letterbox. Take this note to the post office and use your identification document to identify yourself as the recipient. You will then be given the PIN letter.

You will find more information in English on this procedure, including details about the ID documents which are accepted on the Deutsche Post website.

Please note:

You will be able to use your PIN the following day after successful delivery.