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TK-App via apple appstore
TK-App via google playstore

Paperwork and forms?  Annoying, but a necessity. We developed the TK-App to make this necessary evil as painless as possible. For example, you can use it to download your insurance certificate in just a few seconds: Open the app, click - done!

More than two million downloads of our app: that speaks for itself. Still not convinced? With the TK-App, you can easily and digitally deal with even more tasks.

An overview of the key functions and features:

  • Submit Statements of Fitness for Work and other documents
  • Send messages to Techniker Krankenkasse
  • Receive letters from TK online
  • Use the TK Bonus Plan in a completely digital version
  • Fitness programme compatible with Apple Health app, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Fitbit
  • Overview of your prescribed medications over the last six years
  • Download the membership certificate for your employer
  • Download an insurance certificate for the university/higher education institution or "Amt für Ausbildungsförderung" [Office for Training Assistance], and download the general certificate of insurance
  • Quickly upload a confirmation of registration letter
  • Submit costs for vaccinations, immunisations, and osteopathy services
  • Request replacement insurance card 

More functions and features coming soon

We are continuously adding new functions and features to the TK-App - and you can play a part in it. You can send suggestions and comments directly and anonymously via the feedback function in the TK-App.