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You can download the TK-Doc app for free.

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Install the TK-Doc app Install the TK-Doc app

Note: The app is activated with your TK insurance number, date of birth and a password of your choice.

The app offers the following services

Medical advice from the TK-MediCall team

When we are feeling unwell, our first point of call is the Internet. But searching for your symptoms online often doesn't end well. If you consult "Dr Google" for long enough, you are almost guaranteed to end up with a shocking prognosis. This is hardly surprising since unqualified misdiagnoses are unavoidable online.

Yet by installing the TK-Doc app on your smartphone you have personal access to the TK-MediCall team around the clock, which means you get tips and advice without having to leave your bed. This is possible in four different ways: you can discuss your problem with a doctor either via text chat, video call, e-mail or by phone. A video call with your doctor almost feels like an appointment in the practice. After all, you get to talk face to face. Text chat and video chat consultations are available Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. TK-MediCall is available around the clock via the other channels.

A particular highlight is the fact that the app lets you send photos and documents. For example x-ray images and photos of medicines which you take on a regular basis. This gives doctors a better overview of your situation. The app meets all the relevant data security requirements: data is encrypted before being sent to TK-MediCall and saved on the servers there. Only you and the doctors who are bound by doctor-patient confidentiality can access the data.

Remote treatment 

In addition to general medical advice, the TK-Doc app also offers online consultations. This allows you to talk to the doctor by video call to get a diagnosis and to discuss treatment options. The doctor can also issue you a statement of fitness for work if necessary during the consultation.

Check and understand your symptoms

Do you want to learn more about your symptoms, but without the unsettling results associated with search engines? This is where the app's symptom checker is ideal. This exclusively uses information from reliable sources and, with the help of AI, guides you to a possible explanation of your health issues. All you have to do is answer questions on your previous illnesses and symptoms until enough information is available to provide a sound diagnosis.

You are then presented an overview of possible illnesses which fit your description and, in the case of common illnesses, such as the flu or migraines, you are given useful tips on how to alleviate the symptoms yourself. You can even share the results of the symptom checker directly with the doctors on the TK-MediCall team via a secure data link.

Laboratory value checker - check your laboratory values yourself

Did you have blood taken or was your urine analysed? Do you have questions about the results? The app's laboratory value checker allows you to check whether your values are OK. Depending on your age and gender you can determine, for example, which diseases are associated with unusual values, which other laboratory values are important in this context and what you can do to normalise these values again.

The laboratory checker database was developed by medical specialists from TK-MediCall and contains information on 120 different values including cholesterol, folic acid and testosterone. Should you be missing any values, please let us know via the app. We can then review these and include them in the database.

Not a replacement for an appointment with a doctor

It goes without saying that the digital information provided via TK-Doc cannot replace a visit to a doctor. If your symptoms have kept you in bed for some time or dictate your day-to-day life, then you should make an appointment to see a doctor. The app is ideal for getting general guidance on common health issues, such as colds and backache, as well as on medication and side effects. 

Please note the details on using TK-MediCall .