We will send you your TK eHealth card automatically as soon as we have received your passport photo. You will receive a letter about this in good time before your membership begins which includes documents to upload your passport photo for the TK eHealth card online or to send it to TK by postal mail.

More details

Alternatively, you can send the passport photo together with the completed form to us by postal mail - please not by e-mail because we are not allowed to process documents sent in this way for data protection reasons:

Passport photo form for TK eHealth card (PDF, 153 kB)

You will then receive your TK eHealth card by postal mail.

Important for you to know:

Our card production will start about two weeks before your membership begins in case we have received your passport photo and all the other necessary documents. You will then receive your card within a few days prior to the beginning of your insurance cover.

If we still require any clarification for your insurance cover there may be delays in sending the card. In case you have not yet received a card at the beginning of your membership, please call us at 0800 - 285 85 85.