This depends whether you have already been a TK member for quite some time or if you are a new member.

More details

As a new member

You will receive the TK eHealth card for you and your dependants covered by your insurance about two weeks prior to the beginning of your insurance cover by post.

We will send you a letter in advance asking you to transmit your passport photo through our upload service. Please wait until you have received this letter before taking action.

After you have submitted your photo, it may take up to four weeks for the card to be produced.

If you have already been a TK member for some time

If you have already been a TK member for some time and need a new TK eHealth card, e.g., because your card got lost or is damaged, please request a new one.

It's easy and convenient online:

Request an insurance card  (available only in German)

You do not need to take action if the validity of your card is about to end. We will send you a new insurance card in good time.

If your address has changed, you do not need a new eHealth card. Your address will be updated automatically at your next visit to a doctor.

Your new card did not arrive in time

Simply download a replacement confirmation  (available only in German) and show it at your doctor's practice. Alternatively, we will send you or the doctor's practice a fax - just give us a call.