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What We Offer

The TK-InnovationsPortal provides you with the information you need to enter the German healthcare system. Here, you will find helpful tips and methods for designing and developing your idea, the key regulations, requirements and access routes of the primary healthcare market, and the specific search fields of Techniker Krankenkasse. The TK Innovation Profile page also gives you the opportunity to get in touch with us and submit your innovation.

What We Are Looking For

Our focus is on ideas and innovations that make a contribution to high-quality and efficient healthcare for our insurees - whether it is a digital product, innovative benefits or processes, or a smart service. The following key topics are particularly important to TK:

Provision of Care

  • Early detection of patients at risk, diseases and disease progression based on vital data tracking and algorithms with automated derivation of recommended measures
  • Remote treatment with a focus on remote diagnostics and treatment support aided by innovative technologies
  • Precision medicine with a focus on diagnostics, treatment and therapy based on gene sequencing
  • Patient empowerment with a focus on digital competence, digital patient information and participation in medical decisions
  • Patient safety in terms of avoiding adverse events
  • Electronic medical and health records with a focus on digitalising analogue documentation and administration processes
  • Focus of care on heart health, mental health, diabetes mellitus, back and spinal disorders, family health (desire for children, pregnancy, childbirth)

Prevention and Health Promotion

  • Programmes and services focusing on mental health, healthy diet and nutrition, exercise, stress and relaxation, ergonomics and media competence
  • Prevention and health promotion in daycare centres, schools, universities, communities, municipalities, long-term care and families
  • Occupational health promotion
  • Occupational health management
  • Innovative (digital) approaches - for example gamification, blended learning, VR/AR, customisable offerings