If you are insured with TK, for instance as an employee, self-employed individual or retiree, you can take out insurance free of charge for your family members. To cover your family members for free, please use the form below and return it to us. There's also exceptions from this; you'll find all the details in this article.

More details

Free health care for family members

The following family members can be included free of charge in your insurance cover:

  • your married partner or civil partner in accordance with the Lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz (LpartG) [German Civil Partnership Act]
  • biological and adopted children up to a certain age
  • children of children covered by dependants’ insurance
  • stepchildren and grandchildren who live with you in one household
  • stepchildren and grandchildren who live on their own and who depend primarily on you for their livelihood
  • foster children, unless you are caring for them in a professional capacity.

Exceptions from free dependants' insurance

The following list describes cases in which family dependents cannot be covered for free:

  • family members who are primarily self-employed
  • those who have either been exempted from or who are not subject to compulsory insurance (e.g. mini-jobbers)
  • those with compulsory insurance cover, e.g. employees