Provision of Care

  • Early detection of patients at risk, diseases and disease progression based on vital data tracking and algorithms with automated derivation of recommended measures
  • Remote treatment with a focus on remote diagnostics and treatment support aided by innovative technologies
  • Precision medicine with a focus on diagnostics, treatment and therapy based on gene sequencing
  • Patient empowerment with a focus on digital competence, digital patient information, and participation in medical decisions
  • Patient safety in terms of avoiding adverse events
  • Electronic medical and health records with a focus on digitalising analogue documentation and administration processes
  • Focus of care on heart health, mental health, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy and childbirth, back and spinal disorders

Prevention and Health Promotion

  • Programmes and services focusing on mental health, healthy diet and nutrition, exercise, stress and relaxation, ergonomics
  • Health promotion in daycare centres, schools, universities, communities, municipalities
  • Prevention during long-term care
  • Occupational health promotion
  • Occupational health management
  • Media competence in all settings
  • Innovative (digital) approaches – for example gamification, blended learning, VR/AR, customisable offerings